Desi Hoodie


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in



Large, Medium, Small, X-Large, XX-Large


Five Rivers – Desi Unity

Unity, Love, and Peace, for all Humanity!

These hoodies are created in quiet celebration of our continued growth, most notably through our ‘Desi’ strains expansion into market.  Giving us the opportunity to take time and highlight our appreciation and reverence for our ‘Roots’,- both in the clone rooms, and in the world we all share.

The back graphic is two stylized-script variations of the word ‘Desi’  in (Urdu/Nastaliq – and – Punjabi/Gurmukhi) – placed around an outline of the ‘Five Rivers’ region, where the Punjabi language flourished and is forever connected by its namesake – as ‘Punjab’ itself means ‘Five Rivers’.

This hoodie is exclusive to our website, is crafted locally using quality team-selected materials, and is fabricated using a commercial ‘apparel’ grade process, so we can ensure that our fans have lots of enjoyment and washes ahead.

Thank you to everyone supporting the journey!

Fiverivers Cannabis

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